How to Uninstall Avast From Mac?

Using an antivirus is a good idea to protect your system from external attacks and preventing from harmful attacks to personal data. Avast is a good antivirus but if used free version it will make your PC slower after some times as it binds with maximum application. To remove Avast from Mac is a good option but to install new antivirus you have to remove Avast completely using other methods than traditional methods.

To fix avast not running error you may need to follow the blog post on how to Fix Avast Service is Not Running. But if you have tried to install another antivirus to your computer you need to uninstall Avast completely from your Mac follow methods mentioned below in the blog post to provide solution with right approach.
Uninstall Avast From Mac

Steps to Remove or Uninstall Avast Antivirus from Mac:


Step1: Search Avast icon at the bottom of the deck and quit by right click and press exit.

Step2: Open finder and search for Activity monitor and open it.

Step3: In activity monitor type Avast on the top right search.

Step4: Now select running entry by the name of Avast securities and click on grey X button at the top left of the screen.


Step1: Run Finder and Click on the application folder located at the left side of finder tab.

Step2:Click and drag AvastMac security to trash.If asked enter username and password.

Step3: If unable to drag to trash you can right click the icon and select move to trash option.

Step4: Open finder and search entries associated with Avast and delete all the files found.


Step1: In finder click on folders and search Avast.

Step2: Now search .dmg file in Avast and open by double click on it.

Step3: Now click on uninstall option.

Step4: Select all installed app to uninstall and follow on screen commands.

Step5: Perform step4 from method2.

Call Avast Support Number 1-800-431-454 to Fix Avast Uninstall issues on Mac

If on following complete methods explained by experts in the blog you are not able to remove Avast from the Mac. To contact dial toll free +61 1800-431-454 (AUSTRALIA) number to get connected to Avast support number Australia to get round the clock assistance. Call now to get connected via remote sessions to get assistance online.

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