How to Solve Webroot Secureanywhere Antivirus Shield Not Working?

Webroot Secure shield help the computer users to protect it from different viruses and malware. It is basically known as online protection service that displays warning messages when trying to open new website or any existing suspicious web pages and let you enjoy trustable net surfing.

To keep on enjoying the error less web browsing it is very important to run the Webroot Secureanywhere software nonstop. At any stage, if it shows any type of error then get it resolved instantly at earlier stage before it takes the system at risk and then the computer can get affected with malware and other malicious files.

Some of the issues that faced with antivirus software are like how to install Webroot Secureanywhere on Mac  problem, product key activation issues, error faced with setup & configuration, subscription renewal, Webroot web shield not working etc. The help regarding these errors are available here with best possible results in the control of experts who are highly qualified and experienced in technical support.

 Fix webroot antivirus shield not working

The Webroot antivirus users who are willing to get resolved this error they may need to go after the steps mentioned below but before that make sure that 20 Character Alphanumeric Key code called product key is available because it is needed to activate the Webroot protection again on PC. If you have license key then follow the methods from below and get rid of Webroot antivirus shield not working issue completely.

Instructions for Fresh Install After Removing WSA:

Step 1: The users may firstly need to download a copy of Webroot Secureanywhere antivirus program from the link as

Step 2: Wait for downloading process and when done then required to uninstall WSA and reboot the system

Step 3: After this, perform the fresh WSA installation by entering the 20 character Key code

Note: remember don’t import any settings if asked as it can set up as once installation finished

Step 4: Now wait for installation finish

Step 5: And at the end please reboot system once again.

After following the above illustrated methods won’t help you in fixing the Webroot not working problem then feel free to reach to Webroot Secureanywhere antivirus support who will look into your trouble and try to settle it as per customer’s choice and need with 100% accuracy and without data loss.

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