How to Fix Webroot Installation Error?

Webroot is a module to be installed on the computers and during installation Webroot an error occur. Any third party software will cause issue and prevent you from installing Webroot on your windows operating system. If latest version of windows is not installed on your computer then may be some unupdated drivers with unupdated definition of windows will prevent you from installing Webroot on your system.

If you are trying to install web root on your Mac and facing issues while installing you can read our last post How to Install Webroot Secureanywhere on Mac. But if you are not able to install Webroot on your windows system and receiving installation failed error in windows you can follow below mentioned steps to fix Webroot installation error.

webroot antivirus installation error

Steps to Fix Webroot Installation Error Code:


Step1: Open control panel in your admin account.

Step2: Now click on windows update.

Step3: Manually search windows update and install windows updates found.

Step4: Now restart the computer and check if Webroot installation failed is fixed.


Step1: Press windows button with R button.

Step2: Type devmgmt.msc and press enter.

Step3: Search for drivers update for every driver needed during installation.

Step4: update the drivers and check.


Step1: logon to the computer using administrator rights.

Step2: Press windows with R, type msconfig.exe.

Step3: Click selective startup tab and hide all Microsoft services and disable all third party services.

Step4: Restart the computer.


Step1: Perform step1 and 2 from method3.

Step2: Click on normal startup option and press ok.

Step3: Now restart the computer and check Webroot installation error has been resolved.

Call Webroot Support Number 1-800-431-454 to Fix Installation Error Codes

If you follow all the steps explained above in the blog you can fix installation error or you are facing any issue and need technical help available at antivirus support number. Technicians involved here are certified and skilled to fix various you may face with Webroot feel free to call Webroot secureanywhere support number round the clock to help you by providing right solution to the problem.

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