How to Fix Avast Unable To Start Firewall?

While working on internet if your firewall is not working you is openly inviting hackers to take control of your system and stole your data as you protection to such attacks is not working. Using Avast in windows 10 is a tricky as windows10 firewall doesn’t understand Avast and due to that firewall is not Read More

How to Restore Norton 360 Backup Files without Norton?

In  the growing digital world now days the backup is stored in the online drives as they are free from damage and the data can be accessed by using internet at anytime and at any location. Norton is the best online backup portal and a product of Norton Antivirus if you are a victim of Read More

How to Fix Kaspersky Internet Security Not Working?

While working on the internet if the Kaspersky internet security is not working it is a very annoying task and must be fixed to secure your data and financial credentials to protect from external attacks. In general due to some corruption introduced into the Kaspersky will leads to the error and by installing regular updates Read More

How to Fix McAfee Error Code 10054?

While replicating the supper user file created superagent for remote location the task will be failed and you receive error code 10054 in McAfee antivirus. In general the errors occur due to some networking issue or it may also occur due to frequent changes in the file name for the repository of the distributed files Read More

How to Fix Bitdefender Not Installing On Windows 10 Error?

When you tried to install Bitdefender and due to some modifications done by software’s while installing and uninstalling registry may be modified. Windows 10 error code is generally seen in the Bitdefender if there are any left over files from the last antivirus or any other software may restrict the files from installing and the Read More

How to Remove Norton Download Manager Windows 10?

Norton download manager continually pops up and create a disturbed environment for the users to work for it is generally used to download latest programs available for Norton. After deleting so many files related to Norton the download manager pops up again as the downloaded file is running in task manager and prevents the file Read More

How to Disable Avira Antivirus on Windows 7?

Avira antivirus keeps system protected and make system freeze to really very slow to avoid any hang situation you can disable Avira Antivirus. Avira Antivirus product autonomously decides whether one or move events of malware attack will be blocked because the system will be attributed by several programs running on the computer. If you don’t Read More

How to Remove McAfee Endpoint Encryption without Password?

McAfee endpoint encryption is a kind of data protection service offered by Kaspersky to small medium or large scale business and organizations. If you don’t have any more use of this endpoint encryption on your computer you can remove the software and enjoy the new upgraded version without this endpoint encryption on your computer. Actually, Read More

How to Uninstall Avast From Mac?

Using an antivirus is a good idea to protect your system from external attacks and preventing from harmful attacks to personal data. Avast is a good antivirus but if used free version it will make your PC slower after some times as it binds with maximum application. To remove Avast from Mac is a good Read More

How to Fix McAfee Antivirus Not Scanning Error?

If you are trying to scan your computer and not able scan the computer then, you may face problem with McAfee antivirus. You can now restart the computer and try to initiate manual scanning. Normally if you do full scan it may start scanning and freeze at a point after scanning may be there are Read More